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Why companies trust us and use TeamShield

The most secure and private Drive and messaging app

Military-Grade Encryption

Implemented by a team who has built several cybersecurity apps and got cybersecurity agencies as customers

Security & Privacy by Design

We have no way of reading your data. It's end-to-end encrypted locally on your device with keys that only you have access to

Premium support with real humans, not a machine

Yes, we do use AI but we have real people here to help you too

Easy to Use

TeamShield is as easy to use as

You are not the product

No commercial tracking

No selling of your information

Your files, your messages, your photos... Not ours


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Free Plan always be free?

YES. It's a FOREVER Free plan!

Is the free trial of the paid plans really free?

YES! There are no strings attached. As long as you cancel before the end of your free trial, you will never be charged. It's completely free and you can benefit of all the extra features of the paid plan during the trial person at zero cost.

What's the difference between the free plan and the free trial on a paid plan?

The free plan is free forever. You don't need to pay or enter any payment information in order to sign up for the free plan. It gives access to many of the same features as the paid plan, and uses the same encryption layers and security. Of course, it does come with limitations that are more stringent than paid plans. It's made for people on a tight budget and is a courtesy of TeamShield as we want to ensure that anyone can protect their privacy.
Many of our paid plans come with a free trial period, so that users can try all the features of any paid plan for free before making any payment. During the signup process for a paid plan's free trial, you will be asked for payment details to prevent abuse and to make sure that you can continue enjoying your plan without interruption at the end of the trial period, however you will not be charged anything until the end of the trial period. You can also decide to revert to the forever free plan, with limited features, at the end of your free trial of a paid plan.
You can see all differences by going to the Subscription section in the app.

How private and secure is TeamShield?

With our Privacy by Design Architecture, we have implemented zero-knowledge. Files and messages that you send and store on TeamShield are protected by several layers of encryption such as AES-256 and RSA-4096 encryption. We offer end-to-end encryption, which means that all messages and files are encrypted locally on your device before ever touching the internet. They stay encrypted at rest and in transit, from one device to another, from the sender to the recipient, without TeamShield ever being able to decipher the content.
All our encryption and security processes are not only transparent to the user (it means, you don't need to do anything!), they are also always-on, so you can free your mind about security and just focus on what you want to accomplish.

Can I have several accounts, for example a professional one and a personal one?

Absolutely! It's a good idea to both protect company information and your own information (and/or the information of your family). We also have a family plan to protect your whole family. Each account is completely segregated, so that you can keep your personal information and your business information totally separated and protected independently.

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